RL-C Radial Slot Round Diffuser

The radial slot round outlet RL-C by Krantz Components creates a turbulent mixed-flow diffusion pattern. It is used to supply and return air in commercial applications and provides optimal acoustics and air flow performance. The blades have been completely redesigned using most advanced development and production methods such as CFD analyses and rapid prototyping. Geometry has been improved until even the highest demands of indoor air flow and acoustics were met.

Round RL-C diffusers can be installed either flush with the ceiling or on exposed duct and are available in six different dimensions and with two different blade patterns each. The radially symmetrical air discharge pattern can be individually adjusted by using special cover plates to simulate directional diffusers.

Available in various sizes, can handle air volumes ranging between 47 cfm and 576 cfm (22 – 272 l/s) depending on the dimension.

Ideal for ceilings 8.2 ft to 14.75 ft high (2.5 m to 4.5 m).



  • Available in four circular face dimensions:
    • 15″ diameter (375 mm diameter)
    • 19″ diameter (470 mm diameter)
    • 24″ diameter (600 mm diameter)
    • 15″ diameter (750 mm diameter)
  • Discharge direction manually adjustable from horizontal radial (swirl) to downward incline
  • Circular connection box for exposed mounting or with cubic connection box for installation flush with ceiling
  • Individual bars can be closed thus enabling asymmetric jet dispersion
  • Convenient screw fastening from underneath
  • Also available as return air inlet, without diffusion blades


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