About Krantz Components

Krantz Components belongs to the Caverion Corporation. The company develops, designs and manufactures:

  • Air distribution systems
  • Cooling and heating systems for ceiling and façade installations
  • Exhaust gas filtration
  • Dampers
  • Clean air solutions

The company was founded in 1882 by engineer Hermann Krantz in Aachen, Germany.

Krantz products are used where reliability and quality matters. Some examples of applications include:

  • Public and in commercial buildings
  • Clean rooms
  • Nuclear installations
  • High security laboratories
  • Isolation wards

Krantz products used to be exclusively distributed in USA and Canada by Price Industries, but it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. No information is available at the moment on neither websites regarding the status of that business relationship.


About KrantzUSA.com

This website is independently published and does not belong to Krantz Komponents nor to the Caverion Corporation. Its sole purpose is to better inform the North American industry about Krantz HVAC products by gathering information from Krantz Komponents and other industry websites and presenting it in a concise and well organized website.