RA-V Adjustable Radial Diffuser

The adjustable radial swirl outlet RA-V by Krantz Komponents’ supply air pattern can be adjusted from almost horizontal to vertically downwards. Special features are its low height and simple
construction. The adjustable radial outlet generates turbulent mixing air flow and is well suited for indoor spaces with no significant pollutant loads as well as for large discharge heights. It can be installed flush with the ceiling or free-hanging.

RA-V  diffusers are available in square or round face and can be installed either flush with the ceiling or on exposed duct.

Available in various sizes, can handle air volumes ranging between 129 cfm and 3235 cfm (61 – 1530 l/s) depending on the dimension.

Ideal for ceiling heights between 8.2 ft to 43 ft high (2.5 m to 13 m).



  • Available in seven dimensions (neck diameters):
    • 8″ diameter (200 mm diameter)
    • 9″ diameter (224 mm diameter)
    • 10″ diameter (250 mm diameter)
    • 12 1/4″ diameter (315 mm diameter)
    • 14″ diameter (355 mm diameter)
    • 16″ diameter (400 mm diameter)
    • 20″ diameter (500 mm diameter)
  • Step-less discharge direction adjustment from horizontal to vertical
  • Can be adjusted manually or by means of an electric servomotor
  • Radial jet dispersion
  • Low height for limited ceiling space


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