DW-V2 Swivel Jet Nozzle Diffuser

The swivel jet nozzle diffuser DW-V2 by Krantz Components creates an adjustable long throw air jet pattern. It is used to supply air in commercial and industrial applications with large spaces or high ceilings. Provides optimal acoustics and air flow performance when very long throws are needed.

Available in various sizes, can handle air volumes ranging between 24 cfm and 1247 cfm (11 – 589 l/s) depending on the dimension.

Provides throw from 10 ft up to 164 ft (3m – 50 m), discharge height between 8 ft and 33 ft (2.5 m – 10 m).


  • Available in six dimensions: DN 60, DN 80, DN 120, DN 150, DN 200 and DN 250
  • Discharge direction adjustable through ± 30° around the swivel axis
  • Adjustment options: manually, by electric actuator or by maintenance-free thermostatic control unit (without auxiliary energy)
  • The thermostatic control unit allows for resetting; the swivel range can be altered in increments of 5°, up to 20˚ in total. The mechanism of the thermostatic control unit is protected from undue application of force by a device that can disengage and engage again when the nozzle is swivelled by hand.
  • Position of swivel axis also adjustable in the vertical plane, enabling to alter the discharge direction sideways
  • Low sound power level
  • Low pressure drop
  • Direct connection to supply air duct or pressurized chamber, or connection with push-in end for spiral seam duct and with slip-on end for shaped parts

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