DD-N Twist Outlet Round Swirl Diffuser

DD-N is a round swirl diffuser with fixed air diffusion pattern. Can be installed in closed ceiling or directly on rigid duct.

The air outlet has fixed, non-adjustable twist vanes and a curved exit, generating high-turbulence jets that are subject to Coanda effect.

Available in various sizes, can handle air volumes ranging between 23 cfm and 562 cfm (11 – 265 l/s) depending on dimension.

Ideal for ceilings 7.2 ft to 14.75 ft high (2.2 m to 4.5 m).



  • Available in (collar) sizes 4″ diameter to 14″ diameter (100mm diameter to 355mm diameter)
  • Radial, horizontal jet dispersion
  • Perforated cover screen available on request
  • Can also be used as return air inlet


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