RA-N Radial Outlet

RA-N is a round swirl diffuser with fixed air diffusion pattern. RA-N can be installed in closed ceiling or directly on rigid duct.

RA-N Radial Outlets from Krantz produce high quality diffuse indoor air flow and are ideal for various commercial applications. Twelve radial vanes in a star-shaped arrangement radiate from the air outlet centre to the circumference. Thanks to their low height and different connection types, radial outlets can be installed in ceilings with limited space.

The air outlet has fixed, non-adjustable twist vanes and a curved exit, generating high-turbulence jets that are subject to Coanda effect.

Available in various sizes for duct diameters ranging from 4 inches (100 mm) to 20 inches (500 mm), RA-N can handle air volumes ranging between 23 cfm and 1176 cfm (11 – 555 l/s).

RA-N is ideal for applications with ceiling heights 7.2 ft to 14.75 ft 2.2 m to 4.5 m).



  • Available in (collar) sizes 4″ diameter to 20″ diameter (100 mm diameter to 500 mm diameter)
  • Available in lay-in panel for installation in fals ceiling
  • Radial, horizontal jet dispersion
  • Low Height
  • Perforated air equalizer available on request
  • Can also be used as return air inlet


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